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Impact investing is our mantra. We deliver more than financial results. And our mission, approach, and values reflect this philosophy. 



The big challenges of our time call for a collaborative approach to problem solving. By rethinking how the intellectual, financial, and political resources of private capital, pensions, foundations, and local, state, and federal government work together, we can address problems like poverty and climate change at the root rather than at the symptom level. 


Odlum Capital creates or invests in profitable businesses with a purpose. We are investing for impact! We want to be a part of the best possible world. 
We act on the belief that financial return is just one metric in evaluating an investment. We employ innovative financing and deal structuring to serve projects and communities that may be overlooked by traditional capital sources. We are much more than profits. Additionally, we are not limited by traditional deal structures, asset classes, or holding periods. As a result, we can invest in public and private companies through a wide range of securities with flexible investment horizons. 


We are dedicated to a firm set of values -- partners first, simplicity, discipline, adaptability, profit, and transparency. These values are the bedrock of our success.

Partners First: Our partners come first. Their capital, interest and profits are always paid before management's. The assets of our firm are our partner relationships, capital and reputation, which are never risked.


Simplicity: We search for projects where the value is clear and where simple math and a one to two sentence explanation can illustrate to a layman the value creation in terms of both profit and impact. 


Discipline: We say no to 9 out of 10 deals. Saying no is a core competency of our firm. We are willing to listen to ideas, but all yes decisions have a few key ingredients: clear value, simple financing, environmentally friendly, and fair to employees. If any of these key ingredients is absent, the answer is no.

Profit: A clear path to profit is necessary but not sufficient to become an Odlum Capital investment... the profit must have a purpose. It must create a social good. In addiiton to making money, our partners want to be able to sleep at night knowing their capital is both safe and being used to make the world a better place.


Transparency: The money entrusted to our firm belongs to our investment partners. They are entitled to complete access to all our information and processes.


Adaptability: While the strong may survive, strength is a function of context, which is always changing. Adaptability is at the core of our strength and long-term success. Opportunities, deal structures, asset classes and holding periods will change, but our values remain constant.


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