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Odlum Capital's investments are delivering financial, social, and environmental returns in banking, hospitality, real estate, and alternative energy. Our immediate focus is on job creation in the Appalachian region by sourcing funds globally through the U.S. EB-5 Investor Visa Program. Odlum Capital's own metrics as well as stringent federal reporting requirements ensure we are investing for impact. 

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Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center Logo


Odlum Capital's founder, AndreDover, is the owner and founder of the Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center, an impact investment company focused on creating jobs in Appalachia and profits for our global investment partners. The company currently has investments in hospitality, lending, and real estate.


The Appalachian EB-5 Regional Center covers a targeted employment area from Western North Carolina to Eastern Tennessee. The U.S. Government recognizes this area as eligible to receive foreign capital for the promotion of job creation and economic growth. Through EB-5, foreign investors and their families are given visas, residencies, and green cards in exchange for investments in areas of the U.S. that are either rural or suffering from high unemployment.  

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Real Estate


Odlum Tropaion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Odlum Capital. This real estate holding company focuses on distressed real estate. Generally, the properties are acquired at steep discounts, stabilized, and sold. The portfolio includes both residential and commercial buildings. 


The aim of Odlum Tropaion was to turn distressed assets into performing assets. This business was Odlum Capital's initial project when the company was formed during the Great Recession of 2009. Since the economic recovery, Odlum Capital's focus has moved from stabilizing distressed assets to job creation and clean energy.

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